Starry Dream

Skills: Media Art
December 2014
Interaction Design

Starry Dream is an interactive night light that can adjust brightness and position corresponding to the movement of hands.

Sky is always full of mysteries.

Image from NASA

Image from NASA

We developed this product based on Arduino, as well as stepping motor, LED light and ultrasonic sensors. I took charge of the design sketch, 3-D printing and coding part.



The light consists of four parts: starry-four-partsstepper motor, Arduino Leonardo, ultrasonic sensor and DC motor.



Sketch and 3D Print Model

Prototyping & Construction

3D Printing

3D Printing




We programmed on Arduino. The code has four modules: ultrasonic sensor, DC motor and stepper motor.

Thanks to my teammates: Fengjie Zhang, Yingxiu Piao

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