Digital Benz Community — Future Auto Network Innovative Proposal

Skills: User Experience
Client: Daimler Greater China Ltd
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Apr 2016
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Digital Benz Community is a data platform gathering global users’ data, a generative network that visualizes data automatically and a digital community belongs to all Mercedes users .

The password is Mercedes.

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Background Research and Insights

According to Daimler IT’s requirement, we don’t have to confine our design in the current technical background but further, that is, 10 years, 20 years later. Imagine that time auto-driving technology has matured, citizens have been used to intelligent system, what do they need?

We drew this Territory Map to illustrate our concern.



In this project, we intended to explore the opportunities to enhance the interaction and user experience for users of Daimler. Based on the research we completed before, we found that in these areas Daimler had urgent demand and bright prospect for development.


  1. Big data
  2. User community
  3. Culture exhibition
  4. Future car networking technology
Plenty of news and article predict that self-driving car will be on road by 2020, though some experts state that self-driving cars aren’t ready so soon. We set the background of our project in the future when self-driving technology has become mature enough to provide safe commute for people. In that age, the car is not only a vehicle but a mobile living space where more opportunities for interaction can be explored. We intended to focus our vision in the power of the crowd and Big Data. According to Kevin Kelly, the hive mind, or group mind, is one of the distinct features of the Internet. In the future, with the development of car networking, users would become the content providers and source of information.




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Several Interviews in 4S Shops and Periodic report

Thanks for all of my teammates.
Team members
Fengjie Zhang
Li Wang
Yang Zhang
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