Metal Life

Skills: Media Art
What is life? When a drop of liquid metal can hunt for game, digest its prey and move about, can it be said to be alive? *MetaLife* is a series of interactive installations in which liquid metal molluscs are raised. The liquid metal molluscs that inhabit the installation seem to be sentient. When interacting with installation visitors, it exhibits shy, curious or even slightly insolent behavior, and prompts its human interlocutor to give some thought to what life actually is.
This work is based on LIME: LIquid MEtal Interfaces for Non Rigid Interaction (Youtube)
Room-temperature liquid metal GaIn25 (Eutectic GalliumIndium alloy, 75% gallium and 25% indium) has distinctive  properties of reversible deformation and controllable  locomotion under an external electric field stimulus. Liquid  metal’s newly discovered properties imply great  possibilities in developing new technique for interface  design.



Hardware:  Wood showcase, Arduino Mega, ultrasonic sensors.


Ultrasonic sensors were installed at the bottom of the showcases, which would be triggered in response to visitors’ movement.



 Ars Electronica

During Sep 8 to Sep 12, MetalLife exhibited at Linz campus exhibition: Animate Worlds of Tsinghua University.

Advisor Haipeng Mi is interacting with MetalLife.

Advisor Haipeng Mi is interacting with MetalLife.


Qiuyu Lu is introducing MetalLife

Introducing MetalLife

Tsinghua University Art Musesum

During the National Holiday 2016 in China, MetalLife exhibited at Tsinghua Museum.




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